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Delivering Unparalleled Results in Secure Investments

Build your wealth with a company known for delivering results.

We are the right choice for your long-term property investment goals .


Long-term wealth through measured investments

We use proven methods that allow our clients to make intelligent investment choices from long-term industry knowledge and analysis. The measured fundamentals we adhere to are affordability and supply and demand.

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Measuring success through returning clients

The Right Key Investment team have a high proportion of repeat clients and value ensuring their ongoing needs are met. Bringing referrals, our success is based on existing clients returning to us.


When choosing us as your investment management team, enjoy increased investment growth and value.

Proven Success for Investors

77% of our property annual growth rates have beaten the industrial average. By becoming part of our family, investors have come to reap the benefits of investing with Right Key Investment.

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Ongoing Strategies

Making informed decisions for measured investment choices

From the outset, our goal is to look at your investment goals and your current financial standing. Our next step is to determine what your first property investment should be.

The key indicators we work with are affordability, supply and demand.


Affordability indicators

We target areas where capital growth is assured over time. Along with engaging with incentives from the government, we also consider:

  • Interest rates

  • Average prices of properties

  • Wage rises

  • Ongoing rent possibilities.

Investment viability

When determining whether an investment is suitable for your portfolio, assessing when growth in price will occur can impact how your long-term goals evolve.


Passing on properties with potential oversupply is possible with our metrics and analysis.


Analysing demand

Critical aspects to making wise investment choices are a thorough understanding of growth in population and suburb desirability. Analytics delivers on this through detailed information on:

  • Vacancies

  • Government spend on infrastructure

  • Length of time on the market

  • Economic growth in the proposed area

Confident Choices for Future Investments

With a proven client satisfaction rate and long-term knowledge and success as professionals, we can help build your confidence in the future of your property investments.

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