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All-round Support

You've mastered the first step, purchasing your first investment residential property. We have kicked some goals together, and we're invested in your future as your lifetime mentors.

Your goals are our priority, which we help you achieve by offering a range of extras to aid successful investment.


Personal mentor

Need property investment advice or to chat about your portfolio? Your personal mentor is available to listen and action any enquiries and help you work towards a sustainable growth directed property investment.

How can you know the choice is suitable for you with millions of available property investment choices? With insights into your goals and market knowledge, we choose from various premium properties with growth and yield potential.

We present each option with care. The only properties we recommend are those we would consider for ourselves.


VIP invitations

You're invited to exclusive events hosted by the Right Key Investment team. Our VIP gatherings give you insight into trends and current offerings to expand your investment opportunities.


Hosts of informal and formal events are fundamental for investors to meet each other, listen to tips and strategies and meet like-minded individuals.


Our formal gatherings often focus on the impact of economic and market trends and their impact on property investing. We believe possibilities are generated from opportunities when gathered with others.


We offer a range of networking opportunities to gather together, including:

• Race day gathering

• Family fun days

• VIP sports days

• Golf Tournaments


Reviewing Portfolios

We understand that changes happen, which is why at least twice a year, we review your portfolio and update it as needed.


Going through each property data and report, we determine whether you're heading towards your goals and fill any knowledge gaps with further access to relevant information.


Investment tips & announcements

Sharing investment hotspots and tips, any property announcements from the government and any relevant economic movements with our investors to give clients a running start on their portfolios.

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